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Arete (Greek: ἀρετή; pronounced /ˈærəteɪ/ in English), in its basic sense, means excellence of any kind.
Areté is currently not recruiting.
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It was commonly believed that the mind, body, and soul each had to be developed and prepared for a man to live a life of arete. In Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, "arete" is used mainly to describe heroes and nobles and their mobile dexterity, with special reference to strength and courage, but it is not limited to this.


is an amalgamation of RL friends and guild members from Thaurissan (US). Hailing from across the globe, members of the guild bring with them experience from Vanilla WoW all the way up to current content. Areté is poised to push into Cataclysm as a fully-fledged raiding / progression oriented guild with a mature, friendly mindset.

Guild creed to be finalised and posted soon.

A warm welcome to all for now.
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We're up!

nomeaningalready, Oct 18, 10 4:08 AM.
Welcome to the official Areté web portal. Message Rgb in-game for web-related questions. Don't ask me about applications etc.
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